Unveiling the live of thriving Stars : Nitu Pandher 

nitu pandher

Who says that the only actors can be the stars. The stardom define no limitation as well as profession. It is just holding a remarkable recognition for your work and carrying the legacy of your profession in a prime manner. 

Nitu Pandher is one of those personalities who had broken those limitations, rose out of hard challenges out of his acting career and outshining in his work.

He is a well known writer as well as actor in Punjabi entertainment industry. The actor nitu pandher has done a plenty of well -recognised as well as lost Punjabi movies which have given him great recognition in the industry. 

The actor hails from a village near Hoshiarpur Punjab . his father was a bus driver as well as a farmer . he currently lives with his mother in Hoshiarpur .

As far as his marital status is concerned, the actor says that the acting was second love of his life after his family,  he was so busy in his passion for the profession that he could not think of anything other than doing movies.

He Was passionate about acting since his childhood he used to performs Street place while studying.  after that he did theater with Harpal Deewana and Ashok Puri for 2 years but he received an ample protest from his family against pursuing career in acting . afterwards ,  he served in police department for a tenure of 5 years but his love for theatre was continued along with that . he could not stop himself to stay away from acting and thence resigned from the police job to pursue and  donate his full time to his acting career. 

It is said that one of his friend was a crew member of short films . once he was at shooting of short film, the director of the film Pardeep Dhiman noticed him and immediately finalized him for his upcoming movie Zakhmi 1996. 

The actor got to play a supporting role in the film and soon after that ,he was able to secure another movie Peenghan Pyar Diyaan (1998). This movie project surprised & took him from an earning of merely Rs. 2000 in his police job to Rs. 51,000. This movie gave him a well recognition and he was addressed as a Gaya bai Hero. After this movie,  there was bloom in his career and he was with a dozen of movies to do. but unfortunately his movies could not do well and those other remained unreleased . With the downfall of Punjabi cinema was the downfall of Nitu Pandher’s career as well.

He Started writing script stories for the movies but still his movies went unreleased and in vain . but one day he sceptically got agreed to do movie patta patta singhan da vairi which again was a major jump to his career.

As of now,  he has worked in various of Punjabi movies like kachche dhaage,  sardar Mohammad, Jora 10 numbariya, Punjab Singh, Dulla Vailey and much more. 

 the latest project in which he is going to be witnessed is a Punjabi Web Series named as ‘Takhatgarh’ in which he is playing the role of ‘purushottam seth’. 

Dheeraj Kumar is a leading name in Punjabi Film industry. The actor, through his continuous struggles , perseverance and hardwork, has made a remarkable recognition in the Punjabi Entertainment Industry. 

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