Smeep Kang announces the release of his another OTT Project

Divorce Dede Darling, A Short punjabi Web Series

Smeep Kang, the well known punjabi director cum producer and actor was known  to stepping  towards the OTT platforms with the release of his first ever web series ‘ ki Banu Punia Da ‘ recently. But the director suddenly surprised everyone when he announced about his upcoming debut Short series ‘ divorce Dede Darling’  along with the exact release date of the same.

Divorce Dede Darling, A Short punjabi Web Series : Smeep Kang

This project of his was unannounced and was not expected by anyone out there.  Moreover his fans and followers were expecting the release date of his first web series ‘ ki Banu Punia Da’  for which there had been a great buzz on his social media accounts recently and now,  is yet to be announced but ‘ divorce Dede Darling ‘ came out of the box instead. Along with becoming Smeep’s first short series,  divorce dede darling will mark the debut of his son kairav kang  as the director in Punjabi entertainment industry.  Moreover,  Smeep Kang along with his wife Parneet Kang will be seen acting as the centre characters of the short series . 

Divorce Dede Darling, A Short punjabi Web Series : Smeep Kang

As per the veracious information,  the series will contain 7 episodes where each episode will be around 3 to 4 minutes long . Each episode of the series will stream every Saturday on Smeep’s official YouTube channel from 14th August onwards. 

Being a great and versatile filmmaker from the last so many years in the industry, the making of this short series will be surely an another great experimental task for Smeep Kang in his content creation and will be a great opportunity and responsibility for his son kairav for stepping into the world of Punjabi cinema.

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