Ki Banu Punia Da Episode 1 

Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

Ki Banu Punia Da, one of the most anticipated Punjabi web series has been released now as Ki Banu Punia da episode 1 is out and streaming on Smeep kangs’ YouTube channel free of cost . 

The web series is directed and produced by the king of Punjabi Comedy Smeep Kang and consists of Jaswinder Bhalla , Babbal Rai Saira, Arsh Kahlon, Dilawar Sidhu, Smeep Kang in pivotal roles. 

The release of Ki Banu Punia Da was under many speculations since the year 2021. While the audience was looking forward to their favourite Punjabi comedy director to release his one of the most awaited and first Web series project, the ultimate release of the same was delayed  due to many unavoidable circumstances.  Now,  as the first episode of the web series has been released it seems like the episode was worth waiting for. 

Ki banu Punia da episode 1

 As shown in trailer and first episode of the web series , Ki Banu Punia Da consists of Punia family fumbled due to the marriage of Rajvir Punia (Babbal Rai ) where Rajvir and his father Balwant Punia ( Jaswinder Bhalla)  where each of them have different and totally opposite plans to get intentions and choices to get Rajvir married. The story of the episodes,  its dialogues, screenplay and comedy punches have perfectly shown the situation comedy through its power-packed punches, great laughter bursts and heavy comedy dose.

Ki Banu Punia Da episode 1 is available on Smeep Kang’s official YouTube channel and contains perfect and loud laughter blasts and can be such a refreshing and a quality comedy to watch which the Punjabi audience was missing from a very long time due to Lockdown. The plot of the first episode and its ending apart from the funniest comedy deliveries ,  have invited a great excitement and curiosity about the next episode.  Till then, the wait of the hour is for the next episode to release and hit the digital screens positively. 

Watch Ki Banu Punia Da first episode

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