Divorce Dede Darling streams from 14 August 2021

Ki Banu Punia Da, Punjabi Web Series

Filmmaker Smeep Kang whose first web series ‘ ki Banu Punia Da’  was  much awaited by his fans has officially announced the release of his another unexpected Project  ‘ Divorce Dede Darling ‘ . Taking to his social media, the hit Punjabi movies  director and Producer recently , surprised everyone when he  spillled the beans about his first short series and it’s release date suddenly. The name of the series as mentioned before,  is ‘ Divorce Dede Darling ‘ and will be a comedy drama of a couple in wedding knot and the petty choas occuring in thier married life due to each other,  deliberately or indelibarately.

The director took to his social media handles to announce the date of release for this web series as  14th August 2021 . The online streaming Platform for the Series is decided as YouTube via Smeep Kang’s official channel. Smeep has produced the Series himself along with acting in the same. Moreover his son Kairav Kang will make a directorial debut with this short series filming thier parents together for a fictional comedy as Smeep Kang’s wife Parneet sarkaria Kang will also accompany her husband as lead characters of husband and wife together . This way , both the real husband wife couple will now share screens with each other as reel couple as well. 

Let’s see what magic the chemistry of real Life couple creates on the screens and what feedback and response  they receive from their fans and  audiences. Till then, we have to wait for 14th August to get the series released officially. 

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