Discovering The New Theme of ‘OTT Series’ With Big Punjabi Film Makers

Ki Banu Punia Da , Punjabi Web series

The Punjabi Cinema is touched and diverse with different experimental themes and Projects which from time to time are unveiled by the Punjabi Film Makers and content creators and are heart warmingly welcomed by punjabi audience. Moreover, today is the entertainment era of OTT content which has gained much attention and has unexpectedly got the back of audiences from all over the entertainment industries no matter Hollywood,  bollywood or pollywood are concerned.

The audience always seems to respond very well to such projects where ‘ The content is king ‘ truly resembles its meaning. If we talk about Punjabi Cinema, recently only small content creators were into the making of OTT contents. But now , the big and hit Punjabi Film Makers and creators are paving their voyage towards Building OTT contents more and more especially when no single movie of theirs is able to release due to theatres shut down from the last several months.

As a result, the OTT projects are gaining the backs of big Punjabi directors and producers , therefore unleashing the prime growth of OTT to a big level. The instance of the same can be justified by the success and limelight received by  ‘Yaar jigri kasuti degree’  Team and the announcement of other upcoming OTT projects like director Smeep Kang’s upcoming web series  , ki Banu Punia Da along with his another diverse kind of OTT project ‘ Divorce Dede Darling ‘ which is a 7 episodic  short series Directed by his son Kairav Kang. Moreover, humble motion pictures are also in this run with their upcoming web series ‘ Zila Sangrur’.  

Well , whatever be the trends , one thing is for sure that the punjabi Filmmakers are also turning  adaptive and anyhow  find their way to their audience especially when their audiences are bereft of the movies and want to see them rocking again on the screens once again badly . 

Watch Ki Banu Punia Da Episode 01

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