Barbie Maan shares pictures with Sidhu from their upcoming song Moh

Sidhu Moosewala from their upcoming song “Moh”

Barbie Maan is incandescently happy these days as the artist has signed a few amazing Punjabi projects in the next couple of months. Apart from her single melodies, Barbie Maan will soon be seen with Sidhu Moosewala in their upcoming song.

A couple of days back, both the vocalists took it to their Instagram handles and disclosed the look banner of their forthcoming song titled,’ Moh’.

Barbie Maan shares pictures with Sidhu from their upcoming song Moh

Ever since the pair shared the look banner of their upcoming song, it made a gigantic buzz in the industry and among their fans.

Sidhu Moosewala, who has begun the year with an extraordinary note and delivered his collection ‘Moose Tape’, is good to go to think of a two-part harmony melody with Pollywood’s well-known female vocalist Barbie Maan. Taking it to her Instagram handle, Barbie shared some BTS pictures from the set of the impending melody and made her fans very invigorated for something similar.

In the photos, you can see Barbie Maan looking breathtaking in an all-red outfit with a blazer on and pants. With Black stilettos and open wavy hair, the vocalist is looking picture awesome. She inscribed the pictures as, “Moh’s video is really exceptional ❤️ sixth November 🙈”

A couple of days back, both Barbie Maan and Sidhu Moosewala revealed the look banner of the tune ‘Moh’ which will be streamed on the sixth of November 2021.

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